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Wroxham’s Got Talent!

On Friday 12th June our wonderful Patron of Reading Tamsyn Murray came to visit us.  She started the day by visiting EYFS and reading “Oi Frog!” to Nursery and “The Gigantic Turnip” to Reception- both books were a hit with the children and staff.

Tamsyn continued her visit by holding two very exciting and interactive workshops for KS1 and KS2.  The workshops were based on Completely Cassidy and involved plate spinning, balloon modelling and hula hooping which the children thoroughly enjoyed and were also quite talented at!

In the afternoon Tamsyn held an assembly for all the children and parents to explain the importance of the Summer Reading Challenge.  The day ended with a book signing where we were extremely lucky to have copies of Tamsyn’s new book-Completely Cassidy: Star Reporter available to purchase over two weeks before they hit the shops!  A long line of delighted children went home with their signed copies for a weekend of reading.

Thank you Tamsyn for a fantastic day!

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