It’s Competition Time!

completely cassidy jpeg      To celebrate the launch of her new book Completely Cassidy: Accidental Genius, our patron of reading Tamsyn Murray is running a 500 word short story competition on the theme of MY SECRET TALENT.

The competition is open to children aged 7-13 years old.  It starts today and closes on 30th April 2015, with the winner being announced on 1st July 2015.  The maximum word  count is 500, there is no minimum.  The judges are Cathy Cassidy, Karen McCombie and Kelly McKain.

Entry is via email to or via post to Completely Cassidy Story Comp, Usborne publishing, 83-85 Saffron Hill, London EC1N 8RT.  Entrants will need to print off a permission form and complete it to show parental permission to enter-this needs to be completed and sent with their story as a paper copy or scanned in and attached to an email.

The winner will receive £100 of Usborne books, a £50 Paperchase voucher and a signed copy of the book.

For further details please click on the link below.

My Secret Talent Short Story factsheet


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Exciting News!

We are very pleased and proud to announce that our wonderful Patron of Reading Tamsyn Murray has very kindly dedicated her new book, Completely Cassidy-Accidental Genius to the children of Wroxham!

The children were very excited about the news and are looking forward to receiving their copies of the book at the Completely Cassidy PJ party on Friday 20th March.


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Completely Cassidy-Accidental Genius

It’s only a few weeks until the PJ party to celebrate the launch of Tamsyn’s new book, Completely Cassidy-Accidental Genius and Tamsyn has very kindly sent us a link so you can have a sneak preview of the first few pages!

They are well worth a read!

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Patron’s Cup Week 3

The results for Week 3 are:-

Nursery-416                          Reception-802

Year 1-867                              Year 2-632

Year 3-447                              Year 4-756

Year 5-941                               Year 6-1366

The competition is due to finish this week and the results will be kept secret until Tamsyn’s visit on World Book Day so there is still time to change the result. Keep reading!

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The Patron Cup Week 2

The children have spent the last week reading lots of books.  The totals for this week are:-

Nursery – 238                                           Reception – 545

Year 1 – 472                                                Year 2 – 537

Year 3 – 315                                                Year 4 – 440

Year 5 – 705                                                Year 6 – 1189

Well done everyone, keep it up!

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The Patron Cup Week 2 by Tamsyn Murray

WOW! I am so impressed with the numbers of books you’ve read so far! I did a little bits of maths and worked out that the average number of books read by each pupil in the first week is….8. That is incredible. But don’t worry if you haven’t read that many – some books are fast reads and some are slow. The important thing is that you enjoy reading them.

I’m really excited to find out what your totals are next week but in the meantime, here’s a little video from me featuring Very Important Pet, Lillie. She’s the one who Stunt Bunny: Tour Troubles is dedicated to. And speaking of dedications, I’m hoping to have something very exciting to show you soon…watch this space.

Keep Reading, Wroxham!

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The Patron Reading Challenge Cup

The children of Wroxham have really risen to Tamsyn Murray’s challenge to read as many books as they can in four weeks.

The results for Week One are:-

Nursery – 32                                  Reception – 143

Year 1 – 353                                    Year 2 – 184

Year 3 – 160                                    Year 4 – 184

Year 5 – 415                                     Year 6 – 485

Well done everyone!  Keep reading!

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The Patron Cup is Here! By Tamsyn Murray

I’ll let you into a little secret: I struggle a bit with Mondays. Specifically with Monday mornings. There’s something about the first alarm of the week that makes it that tiny bit harder to get out from under the duvet to face the week. But not today – today, I leapt out of bed with excitement because it is PATRON CUP LAUNCH DAY!

As you can probably tell, I am hugely excited about the Patron Cup. Part of my role as Patron of Reading is encourage a love of reading for pleasure, to help everyone at Wroxham to love books the way I do. When I was a child I liked nothing better than losing myself in a story and that’s something that is as true now as it ever was. So the Patron Cup is a fun way to encourage each child to read more. And because a bit of competitive spirit never hurt anyone, at the end of the four weeks of the Cup, I’ll award an actual SILVER CUP to the class in each key stage who have read the most books on average.

Mrs Maidman has very kindly made a fabulous display for the hall, to show how the number of books read is growing and I can’t wait to watch as it gets updated. And I don’t mind telling you I feel a bit like Professor Dumbledore, watching the House Cup tallies grow in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. I have no idea which classes are going to win but I’m very excited to find out! And I’m looking forward to hearing all about the fabulous books that have been read as part of the challenge when I come into school on World Book Day in March.

So what are you waiting for, Wroxham? On your marks…Get set…READ!


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The Patron’s Reading Challenge Cup

The Patron’s Cup starts on Monday 19th January.  Our Patron of Reading has set the children a challenge to see how many books they can read in four weeks.

For every five books they read they will receive a certificate and the winning class in each key stage will be presented with the Patron’s Cup, by Tamsyn on World Book Day.

So let’s get reading Wroxham!

For more information please see the attached letter.

patron’s cup

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Patron of Reading Newsletter

The Spring edition of the Patron’s Newsletter is now available.

Wroxham Loves Reading Newsletter 2 – Spring

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