Tamsyn and Tanglewood

On 17th and 24th September, some of the children, were given the opportunity to attend a creative writing workshop.  The workshops were held by our wonderful Patron of Reading, Tamsyn Murray.

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Tamsyn started the session by asking the children how they would feel if they arrived home from school and their parents announced that they were moving to a wildlife park called Tanglewood. The answers were very varied. Some of the children said they would be happy and excited, some felt they would be worried or scared, some even said they would feel sad but they all agreed it would be an adventure!

After brainstorming the different types of animals you might see in a wildlife park, the children moved onto planning their stories. Tamsyn explained that the story would begin with the move. The middle of the story would present a problem or issue and that this would need to be resolved by the end of the story. The children thought about different issues or problems that may arise in a wildlife park and how an owner might solve them.

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Once they had decided how their story would unfold the children began their writing. They worked hard to create interesting and inventive stories that would capture the imagination of their readers – all in the space of a one hour workshop!

photoPlease take a moment to read their fantastic stories.  They are located in the school foyer.

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